Best Sleeping Mattress in India 2023

Best Sleeping Mattress in India 2023

Get the best Sleeping Mattresses in India on Medisleep that provide you the comfort of foam quilt coupled elasticity, and strength of pocket spring, and felt layers. These layers are wrapped in elegance with knitted fabric that bestows the aura of appearance, and luster to the mattress. These are manufactured using the latest technology, and high quality foam. These are comfortable, stylish, and long lasting that provides great relaxation to the body and relieve the users from back pains. 

Get the best Sleeping Mattress on Medisleep -

1. Duroflex LiveIn Duropedic Mattress (Price - Rs. 9,214)

This mattress is tested & trusted by the experts at National Health Academy for its advanced orthopedic support, and many health benefits. This Smart Orthopedic Layer adapts to your sleep needs for personalized support, and optimum spinal alignment. It includes triple anti microbial fabric shields for ultimate freshness, and hygiene. 

2. Durfi Original Memory Mattress (Price - Rs. 12,919)

This Mattress is designed to provide you with the healthiest good night-s sleep, and crafted under world-class R&D standards. Medium firm comfort, and has a quicker response, better than traditional memory foam, comfort layer is resilient, provides optimum comfort, and with advanced air flow technology. 

3. Wakefit Mattress (Price - Rs. 9,729)

This Mattress offers high-quality memory foam. Uses latest technological innovations for excellent back support. Softer foam around the shoulders provides more relief to the upper body. Multiple ergonomic points provide pressure relief under shoulders, hips, waist, and lower back. A firmer border provides edge support to help you get in and out of bed easily. 

4. Livpure Smart Ortho Duos Mattress (Price - Rs. 7,670)

This mattress has reversible duos foam with zones for dual ergonomic support. Mattress comes with premium aesthetics fabric with zipper removable cover mattress. Flip the mattress to pick the comfort of your choice, and elegant design with removable cover with zipper. 

5. Solace Mattress (Price - Rs. 7,950)

This Mattress blends the responsive feel of our gel based memory foam with the firm support of Rebonded foam layer which keeps your Spine in healthy alignment to give you a relaxed & good night’s sleep. A firm layer is designed to support the joints, back, and provide comfort to the overall body. Its firmness prevents sagging, which results in the Mattress Lasting Longer. It provides soothing relaxation to the body by providing backache-free sleep. This comes with a comprehensive 7-year warranty, reaffirming our brand promise in the customer’s mind for making the right choice, and investment. 

6. Original Mattress (Price - Rs. 6,175)

This Mattress compiles the benefits of responsive memory foam, and H.R. support foam that keeps your body, and backache-free to start your day relaxed & rejuvenated. This is designed to be breathable, with high levels of airflow to keep you & the mattress cool. The gel based memory foam consists of millions of cooling gel particles, which regulate air flow, and provide therapeutic support to the body. This provides great elasticity, and optimal supporting force that distributes the body pressure across to the entire surface that provides relief to pain points.