Once The order is placed, the Delivery of your orders shall take place within 3 to 14 days of shipping of the orders. However, this may vary depending upon your delivery location. 2 day delivery possible only in DELHI-NCR region. On shipping of your Order, You will get an email or a message from our side to your registered email address or your phone number, stating the details of the shipments and shipment service in which your Order has been shipped. Shipment services engaged by us offer tracking of orders and you can track the status of your shipment by visiting the websites of such service providers. The details of tracking orders, if available, shall be mentioned in the shipment email or message sent from our end.

Notwithstanding anything mentioned in aforementioned provisions, we do not guarantee that delivery will happen within any specific timelines as it is completely dependent on the shipment services. However , due to unforeseen circumstances , if your shipment is being delayed , we will proactively reach out to inform you for the same.