Break Up With Your Old Mattress!

Break Up With Your Old Mattress!

Warning Signs you should Break-up with your Old Mattress 

If you wake up every morning with a grumpy old look and a frown, you know you’re not in a happy relationship with your mattress. And relying on an old mattress will only give you backaches, inadequate sleep, and drowsiness. So maybe when you come back home from a long workday and want to burrow yourself in your cozy heaven, you should make sure the bedding is at least comforting. So how do you know it is time you move on and break up? Here, read on for ways your mattress can be harmful to your health and possibly, lead to some serious illnesses. 

  1. Old mattresses might catch dust mites leading to trigger allergies 

Dust mites can be harmful? Yes. Dust mites are microscopic creatures that are too small to tell and primarily live on the dead skin cells that are shed by humans or even their pets. These creatures do not carry around a disease but they do, however, make their home in your home and can cause an allergic reaction to humans, especially to those who suffer from sensitive skin, or asthma. Coming in contact with them can cause various symptoms of an allergic reaction like sneezing, having an itchy nose, coughing, sore eyes and so much more.  

But here’s the catch, Medisleep offers a gentle and breathable mattress protector that can be used to keep off the dust mites and other foreign particles. The protector enhances the longevity of the mattress and keeps it protected for you in a long run. It is made from 200 GSM terry-cotton surface and is 99% waterproof. 

  1. If your mattress doesn’t support you enough, it will contribute to back problems 

When it comes to comfort, most of us would not give up an ounce of it. Adequate spine support is simply non-negotiable. Drowning in a comfortable sleep, at least at the end of the day, is what every person wishes for himself. If your sleep cycle is healthy, you will be able to work more efficiently and have a great attention span to details. 

But when your mattress isn’t supportive enough, it’s like being in a one-sided relationship with sleep. And it comes along with painful, unhealthy repercussions. Lower back pain, neck to shoulder pain, and headaches are very common symptoms among people who do not sleep well. This unhealthy sleep can also cause a bad, irritated mood the next day and inefficiency. This could be your sign to buy a new mattress. 

Medisleep mattresses are ortho-recommended and align with your spinal cord very easily. They provide 100% support to your natural curves and let the body sink in. 

  1. Lack of space and feeling of being trapped by your mattress may cause sweating 

During the night, if you feel the discomfort of being trapped by your mattress or feel like you could be drowning in your own sweat - you need a well-ventilated mattress with air holes to keep your sleep cool and comfortable. 

It is possible that existing medical reasons such as anxiety can be the leading factor behind it. However, sweating at night for no reason could actually be a sign of a bad mattress. If a mattress is made from a body-hugging material that doesn’t allow air to pass through, you know you need to change the mattress ASAP. 

You might be able to fix this if you switch to Medisleep mattresses that are light and breezy and let the right amount of airflow through. Say no to more sweaty nights with us and we make sure you experience the best sleep ever.