Top 10 King Size Mattress In India

Top 10 King Size Mattress In India

King-size beds provide more room for comfortable sleeping positions, leading to better sleep quality. You might spread out on your back or sleep horizontally across the mattress, and a king-size bed is perfect for this. King size mattresses are usually 72-78 inches wide and 72 inches long which is suitable for the average Indian consumer, and provides a spacious sleeping margin. Due to its width, and additional space, a king size bed is typically large enough to accommodate a couple with plenty of room to stretch out, and sleep soundly. King size is the top-of-the-line, luxury mattress that improves your overall comfort, and sleep. 

Medisleep is the best platform to select it. Available in various shapes, sizes, designs, thickness, quality, and other specifications. Offered mattress is obtainable in numerous sizes, and admired by our clients for its amazing features. To ensure quality of the products, we conduct diverse tests at all stages, and thus our products are quality assured.

Here we compiled the best king size mattress of various brands that are available online in India. Other than this Medisleep have a wide range of King Size mattresses online that can fit different types of beds. Whether you need a regular foam mattress, King Size Mattress for Bed, or single memory foam mattress, Medisleep will look into all your concerns. 

1- Medisleep Original Memory Foam Mattress

This mattress has a high density, is supportive, and heavier, hence strikes a great balance between being soft, and firm. It keeps weight off pressure points. It supports the back & maintains the shape of the spine. It’s high density is more supportive, and heavier, hence strikes a great balance between being soft, and firm. 

2- SleepX Dual Comfort Mattress

This mattress has a dual comfort choice firm for superior body support. It has medium soft for enhanced comfort fresh air-circulation with airmesh fabric. This includes a high resilience foam for pressure point ease. This has the soft knitted fabric for plush surface feel, and comes with the 7 years warranty. 

3- Sleepyhead Flip-Dual Sided High Density Foam Mattress

This mattress has the 100 nights tril, dual side comfort, and 100/5 manufactured in India. This includes 198.1cm of length, 182.9cm width, and 15.2cm of height as primary dimensions. 

4- SpringTek Amaze Eco 5 Inch King Size Bed Mattress With High Density 

This mattress has the top cover consisting of special polyester dark color cotton fabric that enables and sustains all kinds of stains and spills that can be used in any environment. It has a single side usable with medium firm comfort, and enhances the comfort support of the mattress. 

5- Amore Ortho Plus 10 Inch Orthopedic Pocket Spring Mattress

This mattress has highly breathable, and hypoallergenic fabric for a hygienic, safe, and relaxing sleep. It is immensely durable, and resilient, integrated with certified technology, prevents germs, and odor, and offers excellent comfort, and pressure relief. 

6- Duroflex Live In Orthopedic 

This mattress comes as a bed-in-a-box for a quick and hassle-free setup. It has triple anti-microbial fabric shields the mattress from fungi, dust mites, and harmful bacteria, for ultimate freshness, and hygiene. It has adaptive memory foam cradles all your pressure points for next-level comfort, and a restful night’s sleep. 

7- Livpure Smart Duos Reversible HR Foam Mattress

This mattress is manufactured with Doe Comfort science™ USA technology to guarantee the cooling comfort foam with superior breathability for a sweat free sleep. It is 3d sleeptech computerized CNC 3D zones customized for pressure relieving back support. 

8- Wakefit Mattress 

This mattress has responsive foam, high resilience foam, and includes breathable premium fabric. This uses the latest technological innovations for excellent back support. 

9- Wakeup Orthopedic King Size Memory Foam Mattress

This mattress is made from memory foam with the latest technological innovations that provide excellent back support while engulfing you in its cocoon and letting you enjoy restful, deep sleep. 

10- Sleepsutraa Mattress

Mattress provides support for the body’s weight, while the comfort foam follows the body’s shape, gently cradling your every curve creating relaxation, and comfortable sleep. 

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