6 Inch Mattress Price In India

6 Inch Mattress Price In India

Medisleep brings a range of mattresses of various  inches in India. This is  suitable for all couples, children, senior citizens, and everyone you can imagine. We offer a wide range of bedding products that are suited to your needs, and preferences. We ensure a highest quality mattress at the very best of prices, and are best in quality. Our mattresses are constructed of materials that are of exceptional quality manufactured in house. Our mattresses stay comfy, and supportive over time. Designed by our team of sleep experts & engineers having vast experience in the mattress industry. 

The mattresses are available in different sizes, and shapes including all inches, sizes, queen & king size. This is easily possible to get your own personalized one that is a perfect fit for your bedroom, and comfort zone. This includes the best design for individual sleeping needs specifically. You can easily opt for a custom one & have the right kind of product available at your doorstep. With layers of best-in quality, and includes breathable fabric, differential pressure zone, and high resilience foam all embedded into one the perfect mattress.

6 inch Mattress Price in India

6 Inch Mattress price is starting from Rs. 6,999-12,000 in India. The materials used to create a mattress are a significant factor in making mattresses so expensive. Better quality materials will increase the price of a bed. Some materials, such as organic materials, are also more costly to produce than high-quality synthetic materials. 

Get the 6 inch mattress price in India on Medisleep that includes -

Medisleep Memory Foam Mattress Twin Size Mattress (Price- Rs. 11,965)

Mattress has high-quality memory foam conforms to your body while the cool gel regulates body temperature, open-cell design allows for a greater circulation. This is designed with premium air-flow memory foam over a layer of gel-infused memory foam, and high density support base. 

Medisleep Ortho Plus 6 Inch Pocket Spring Mattress (Price- Rs. 10,958)

Mattress has the highly breathable, and hypoallergenic fabric for a hygienic, safe, and relaxing sleep. This immensely durable, and resilient, integrated with certigard technology prevents germs, and odor, and offers excellent comfort & pressure relief. 

Rajasthan Crafts Soft Microfiber Mattress (Price- Rs. 3,200)

Mattress has an innovative, and intelligent foam technology that smartly adapts to any body shape seamlessly providing personalized comfort, and orthopedic support based on each body’s weight, height, and sleep position. The outer cover is made from breathable fabric that wicks moisture, and dried quickly, it is abrasion, and pilling-resistant. 

Sleep Dual Comfort Mattress 6 Inch Mattress (Price- Rs. 7,998)

This mattress has a dual comfort choice firm for superior body support. It has medium soft for enhanced comfort fresh air-circulation with airmesh fabric. This has high resilience foam for pressure point ease, and soft knitted fabric for plush surface feel. 

Memory Foam Mattress Twin Size 6 Inch (Price-Rs. 13,938)

Mattress comes with premium open-cell memory foam with high density support foam. This best-in-class product has bamboo fiber fabric on top & has bird eye knitted side walls for durability. The mattress has an ati-skid base that helps your mattress stay in place. 

Repose Eyelidz Spine Pro 6 Inch Mattress (Price-Rs. 11,740)

Mattress made from memory foam with the latest technological innovations that provide excellent back support while engulfing you in its cocoon, and letting you enjoy restful, deep sleep.